i exist. to serve.


when i was a kid
a little round, a lot dumb
too simple they said
they gave me pink, i wanted blue
knowing what i wanted
in my heart
oh, it spoke so loud
and clear
it was sometimes
all i could hear

until i grew up
and about
and that man in the box
told me to brighten up

look taller
wear black
wear red
oh that was last year
now gold
look thinner

lips aren’t red enough
shoes aren’t tall enough
dad isn’t cool enough
it’s time
make a kid

that man in the box
sits somewhere
he knows me
how much air
i breathed in
when i saw those shoes
how much bubbles
i drank or moaned
when i couldn’t get a car
he told me to buy
for i had no money
to be loaned

I hate this part
for he will be back
in my room
in my mind
telling my friends
i am not cool enough
an anomaly
a misfit
and who are they to tell him

for he owns them too
now who does that
tell him no, the nerve
my heart
still talks
but that man speaks
louder than it
louder than us all
from that box
that mirror
that billboard
that carton
who am i
just a digit
that’s the meaning
my life
man in the box’s rules
i exist
to serve.