harsha jagasia

I had started thinking that I would make something pretty, a butterfly, a landscape… but my sub-conscience always ends up seeing the not so pretty state of the world.  I have a lot to say, and a pretty butterfly won’t say it all. Slowly and gradually, my works are more like a social commentary, bringing out the so-obvious-that-invisible truths. My works evolve from a very strong influence of women in my life. Indian women, they do not speak out their feelings, but their bodies speak…the way they move, tilt their head, expand their shoulders, and cover themselves up. While not consciously choosing this as a subject, there is nothing like a woman to bring a canvas alive for me. I wish to explore the helms of modern society, looking back to see how we got here, and where we are headed. I feel sensitive towards little waves of emotions in the mechanical urban crowd, and nothing gives me more joy than to replicate the turbulence on my canvas.


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