The art of catching dreams before they go PoP!

Harsha Jagasia is an artist from India, who moved from a Corporate Career in Brand Management to what she loves the most in the world, ART. After several exhibitions and residencies in Europe & Asia, and lived in beautiful cities of Hyderabad, Jaipur & Paris, she now resides in Hamburg, working and working hard to share her caught dreams with the rest of the world.

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Midnight dreams!

I have had an ideal day today, a lovely, ideal, do-nothing Saturday. To add on, my man made me some amazing food, and topped it off with French eclairs. Of course, there are perks of living in Paris. Nothing could have ended the day better than making something that suited the laid back day I had just had. So I… Read more →


New friendships with a dash of INK!

The last weekend was amazing! I did an open air ink workshop, and if you are in Paris, what better location than right in the gardens of Eiffel. It was so much fun, beginner level gensĀ splattering ink, making postcards and learning how to make simple but impressive looking art from ink, a versatile, but much underrated medium. More scheduled workshops… Read more →

Of new artworks and techniques.

I have, of late, been working a lot on finding some new techniques for myself, some bomb, but some emerge like bubbles froms sea, naturally. And I go, YESSSS! Thats EXACTLY what I was looking for!


Behind that veilĀ is an artwork very close to my heart. As I make it and now stand looking at it, it reminds me of the women I have grown up with, whom I have played with, who have at some point taught me, who brought me up….ones masking their dreams under a veil, either real or virtual.


Inka nd acrylic on canvas 2014

Ink and acrylic on canvas 2014

50 x 70 cms

Sept 2014


Le 47 Lamarck!

I have a new address to my studios. An amazing place with coworking, and studio offerings in the beautiful lanes of Montmarte in Paris. I am so much inspired, and ever so excited to see the inspirations melt their way in on my canvas.   Started my series on womenscapes, and couldn’t have found a better place to start. STree… Read more →